Welcome to Delta Renewable Energy

Welcome to Delta Renewable Energy

Welcome to Delta Renewable EnergyWelcome to Delta Renewable EnergyWelcome to Delta Renewable Energy

 Voltage Optimisation Solutions & Custom solar power renewable energy solutions for off grid & grid support applications

Delta Renewable Energy Ltd. is part of the Delta Group, headed up by Delta Components Ltd who have been representing power components supplies in the UK and European Markets.  The company was set up by Peter Bowers in 1988 and has been successfully trading for over 30 years and is now based in Hartfield, East Sussex, England.

Also within the Delta Group is PVDB (PhotoVoltaic Design & Build). This Company services new build construction projects ensuring they reach the carbon emission requirements for the build. Achieved by using Solar panel arrays, this creates a renewable energy supply to the building reducing it’s dependence on the grid and meeting it’s emission target.

Delta Renewable Energy uses solar energy systems as a mains support system where the local power grid is regularly intermittent in supply or where no grid system exists at all. We provide solutions fot ll different environments ranging from rural Ethiopia to ECOschools here in the UK. We also provide along with these solar systems, low power PCs designed for solar use from our in house provider Delta PC.