What is voltage optimisation?


What is Voltage Optimisation?


ECO-MAX Voltage optimisation is an electrical energy saving technique that is installed in series with the electricity supply to match supply voltage specific to the site’s equipment.

Voltage optimisation reduces the voltage of the electricity supplied to equipment, ensuring the excess voltages from the national grid supply isn’t used at the site. 

By simply rejecting and returning the surplus to grid, site consumption is minimised while remaining within the operating conditions specified by the equipment manufacturer.



That’s right; homes in the UK receive electricity at an average of 242v, but can be as high as 253v! Whereas most of our electrical devices are designed for the European market at 220-230v, so this leads to:

· Oversupply of electricity

· Paying for energy you don’t use

· Shortened life of electrical appliances

· Greater impact on the environment

Not only does this oversupply mean you are paying for more electricity, but it shortens the life of your appliances. By matching your voltage supply to your electrical appliances and equipment it is possible to make a substantial energy saving and prolong their life expectancy.

How much money am I wasting?

· Washing machine always seems to be on?

· Lights get left on?

· Garden pond filtering all day?

· Fish tank running a pump 24 hours?

· Hairdryers whirring and hair straighteners being left on?

· Your fridge or freezer is obviously plugged in all the time and using electricity constantly.

· Got a heated towel rail in your bathroom?

You will get instant savings by installing a maintenance-free Eco-Max Home Voltage Optimiser and you could start saving £100’s per year whilst reducing your carbon footprint!  

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Want an idea of how much you can save???

Simply pop over to the GWEnergy Website and fill in some details in their online calculator to get an estimate on the savings you will make!

Massive savings to be made for businesses too!

Commercial Voltage Optimisers Available - Standard Range & Bespoke

European harmonisation means our equipment works efficiently at around

220v. Supplying over this voltage is wasting energy. UK electricity can be

supplied at up to 253v, so you are currently paying for wasted energy. By

‘Optimising’ the voltage supply to your electrical equipment you make instant

savings on your bills up to 19%.

Using your most recent electricity bill we can give you an approximation of how much

money you will save by installing an Eco-Max Commercial Voltage Optimiser.

Other Benefits Include: 

  • Typical Return On Investment of 25-50%
  • 2-4 year payback
  • Equipment lasts longer
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Remote monitoring
  • Finance Available

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